KDE Technologies has a well-established history of over 10 years in electrical and instrumentation installation, commissioning and startup, having successfully completed over 60 projects across four different continents. Drawing upon this extensive experience especially in Oil & Gas, our on-site engineers, supervisors, and technicians are proficient in enhancing the value of your project and ensuring elevated work quality and supervision. Our installation and commissioning services include:

  • Cable tray installation
  • Cable pulling
  • Instrument tubing fitting installation,
  • Installation of cabinets, junction boxes, and instruments
  • Wiring of cabinets, junction boxes, and instruments
  • Heat tracing installation
  • Installation and hookup of skids
  • Cable gland installation
  • Installation of ATEX equipment
  • Installation of lighting systems
  • Installation of solar systems
  • Earthing system installation
  • Installation of electrical security systems
  • Installation of communication systems
  • Installation of CCTV systems
  • Electrical infrastructure upgrade
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of electrical and instrumentation equipment
  • Hiring of high qualified site Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians

And much More..