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End User : SEREPT
Location : Sfax, Tunisia : Offshore on ASPF3 platform

Scope of Work:

  • Equipment Supply:
    • Procure and supply the required tubing (8/10 size), fittings, unions and other necessary components based on project specifications and requirements.
    • Ensure that all supplied equipment meets industry standards and project quality criteria.
  • Installation of Tubing Support:
    • Prepare and install the necessary supports, and brackets for tubing along the specified route.
    • Ensure that the tubing support system is securely mounted and capable of withstanding the operational loads.
  • Installation and Fitting of Tubing (1000 meters):
    • Accurately cut and bend the tubing as needed to fit the layout.
    • Assemble and install the tubing over the designated 1000-meter length.
    • Connect tubing segments using fittings, unions and other required components.
  • Installation of Cable Trays:
    • Procure and supply cable trays as per project specifications.
    • Mount the cable trays in the designated locations, ensuring proper spacing, support, and alignment.
    • Securely attach the trays to the structure to accommodate a section of the installed tubing.
  • Commissioning and Start-up
    • Perform leak tests and pressure tests to ensure the integrity of the tubing system.