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Client : Aquaterra Energy
End User : SAPETRO
Location : Sfax-Tunisia, Benin
  • Supervision of C E&I Installation:
    • Engage a qualified team of KDE supervisors with expertise in Electrical, and Instrumentation installation.
    • Oversee and ensure the successful installation of all C E&I components as per the project specifications and industry standards.
    • Coordinate with the client and E&I subcontractor to resolve any installation-related issues or discrepancies.

  • Red Markup and As-Built Documents Elaboration:
    • Review existing project documentation and drawings to identify any discrepancies or changes that have occurred during the installation phase.
    • Perform red mark-up of drawings and documents to reflect any modifications, additions, or revisions made during the installation process.
    • Collaborate with the project team to gather accurate as-built information.
    • Generate as-built documents that accurately represent the final configuration of the C E&I installation.
    • Ensure that all as-built documents are organized, well-documented, and comply with project standards.