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Client : TIFERT
Location : Skhira-Tunisia – Fertilizer Indo-Tunisia Plant

Scope Of Work:

  • Detailed Engineering for 16 Cabinets:
    • This involves creating detailed design plans and schematics for the 16 cabinets.
    • Four of these cabinets are control cabinets that will house GE Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
    • The remaining 12 cabinets are for local cabinets and electrical distribution.
  • Supply of Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Assembly Work:
    • Assembling the electrical components within the cabinets based on the detailed engineering plans.
    • Ensuring proper wiring, connections, and adherence to electrical codes and standards.
  • Implementation of Programs for New PLCs:
    • Developing and configuring the necessary control programs for the GE PLCs in the control cabinets.
    • This includes programming logic, setting up input and output points, and ensuring the PLCs can control the desired processes.
  • Precommissioning:
    • Before commissioning the entire installation, precommissioning is done to ensure that individual components, such as PLCs and electrical systems, are working correctly.
    • It involves checking for wiring errors, verifying the functionality of each component, and resolving any issues.
  • Commissioning:
    • Once the individual components have been tested and verified, the entire system is commissioned.
    • This involves integrating all components, configuring the system as a whole, and conducting tests to ensure that it operates as intended.
    • Commissioning include setting up communication protocols, calibration, and fine-tuning.
  • Start-up of the New Installation:
    • After successful commissioning, the new installation is started up for full-scale operation.
    • This includes monitoring the system during initial operation, making any necessary adjustments, and ensuring it performs its intended functions reliably.