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Client : Joint-Venture Max-Streicher  & Bouchamaoui Industries
End User : OMV
Location : Tataouine, Tunisia – CPF Gas

Scope of Work

  • Commissioning of the Electrical Part:
    • This involves ensuring that all electrical components and systems are functioning correctly.
    • It includes testing and verifying the electrical wiring, power distribution, and control systems.
    • Commissioning ensures that all electrical equipment, such as transformers, switchgear, and power distribution panels, are operational and safe.
  • Loop-Test of Instruments:
    • Loop testing is a critical step in commissioning and involves checking the functionality of various instruments and sensors in the control and monitoring systems.
    • Instruments such as pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, level indicators, and flow meters are tested to ensure they are accurately measuring and transmitting data.
    • The loop test verifies that instruments are properly calibrated and integrated into the control system.