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Client : Joint-Venture Bouchamaoui Industries & Max-Streicher
End User : OMV
Location : Gabes/Tataouine-Tunisia : 20 LVS (Line Valve Station) along a 370 km 24 inches’ gas pipeline

Scope of Work:

  • Installation and Connection of Security Systems:
    • Install security cameras at 20 LVS (Line Valve Station) sites.
    • Install intrusion detection systems at these sites.
    • Install access control systems to restrict entry.
  • Installation and Connection of Telecommunication Systems:
    • Set up Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) at the 20 LVS sites.
    • Install an IP Private Branch Exchange (IPPBX) for communication.
    • Establish Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) connections for data transmission.
  • Optic Fiber Welding
  • Supply and Installation of Buried UTP Cables with Stainless Steel Tags
  • Installation of Telecommunications and Security Cabinets
    • Provide and lay Underground Twisted Pair (UTP) cables.
    • Attach stainless steel tags to cables for identification.
  • Installation and Connection of Servers, Workstations, and Laptops on local rooms
  • Precommissioning, Commissioning, and Start-up:
    • Test and verify the systems before commissioning.
    • Commissionning of the systems for full functionality.
    • Initiate the start-up process to make the systems operational.
  • Preparation of Red-Markup and As-Built Installation Documents
  • Certified training within southwest microwave ltd in England on the IDS system