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Client : CTF
End User : OMV
Location : Sfax, Tunisia – RIG 01

Scope of Work:

  • Preparation of ATEX Equipment List:
    • Compile a comprehensive list of ATEX-certified equipment required for the new installation, specifying equipment types, quantities, and specifications.
  • Preparation of Material Take-off (M.T.O):
    • Develop a detailed Material Takeoff (M.T.O) based on the ATEX equipment list, including all necessary materials, components, and consumables required for the new installation.
  • Dismantling of Existing Electrical Installation:
    • Safely dismantle the existing electrical installation, ensuring the removal of all non-compliant and obsolete equipment.
    • Properly document the removal process, including equipment condition and disposition.
  • Installation of New Equipment:
    • Mobilize KDE ATEX-certified technicians to install the new ATEX-compliant equipment.
    • Ensure that installation adheres to ATEX standards and follows manufacturer guidelines.
    • Verify that all connections, wiring, and grounding are in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Validation by ATEX Certified Third Party:
    • KDE Engaged an ATEX-certified third-party organization to validate the installation and ensure that all safety protocols and ATEX compliance requirements are met.
    • Conduct necessary tests and inspections to confirm the safe operation of the installation.