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Client : Fores Engineering
End User: ENI North Africa
Location : Forli Italy, Mellitah-Libya

Scope of Work :

  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing):
    • Conduct a comprehensive FAT of the electrical components, instrumentation, and automation systems in the workshops of Fores in Forli, Italy.
    • Ensure that all equipment and systems meet the specified requirements, standards, and regulations.
  • Installation and Hook-Up of 3 Skids on Site in Mellitah, Libya:
    • Mobilize the necessary personnel and equipment to the Mellitah site in Libya.
    • Install the three skids according to the approved design and layout plans.
    • Perform all necessary hook-up activities, including connecting electrical, instrumentation, and automation components.
    • Ensure that all installations comply with local regulations and safety standards.
  • Setting and Adapting the PLC Configuration:
    • Configure the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to suit the specific requirements of the skids and the site.
    • Ensure that the PLC programming meets the operational needs and safety standards.
    • Perform any necessary adaptations or modifications to the PLC code to ensure seamless integration with the skid equipment.
  • Commissioning:
    • Conduct commissioning activities to ensure the proper functioning and integration of all systems, including electrical, instrumentation, and automation.
    • Test the skids under operating conditions to verify that they meet the desired performance and safety criteria.
    • Address and resolve any issues or discrepancies identified during commissioning.
    • Collaborate with the client to ensure that they are fully trained on the operation and maintenance of the installed systems.